Becky Lynch Sends Peculiar Tweet Ahead Of WWE Raw

3 years ago by Tempest

Becky Lynch Sends Peculiar Tweet Ahead Of WWE Raw

Becky Lynch has turned some heads today as she sent out a peculiar tweet. She brought up her contract situation with WWE with a tease for Raw.

The tweet reads, “It’s amazing what they’ll give you when you remind them your contract is coming up soon. More to say on Raw”. Lynch bringing up her contract status is likely part of her ongoing storyline with Asuka. WWE almost never covers real-life contract talks on their television programs. This would lead one to believe that this will be less than legitimate considering Lynch appears to be teasing a segment on Raw.

Her ongoing story is that she wants a match with Asuka but she has not been given one. What will likely come of this will be Lynch demanding a match with Asuka in exchange for her signing a contract extension.

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