Big E Opens Up About Brodie Lee Following WWE Championship Win

Big E Opens Up About Brodie Lee Following WWE Championship Win

Following his WWE Championship win this past Monday on Raw, Big E had some emotional words about the late great Brodie Lee.

Big E was this week’s guest on WWE’s The Bump for a celebration, and he spoke about how he wished Lee (real name Jon Huber, WWE name Luke Harper) could have been there backstage to share a hug with.

E said:

“He was on my mind throughout. Of course, I love him dearly and I miss him. He was one of my best friends, such an incredible human being. I still stay connected with his wife and his kids. They actually FaceTimed me yesterday. He’s someone that means so much to everyone who knew and loved him. I just want to do my part to continue to keep shouting out my boy and keep his memory alive.

“Someone tweeted about Brodie, and my response was, you know, ‘I just wish he was there to hug backstage and to talk to’. I know how he was, man. He’d be one of the first to come up and congratulate me and pull me aside. I know he would have been happy for me.”

Following his title win, Big E is now a full-time member of the Raw brand, which is something that had been planned for the WWE Draft, but because the draft date was pushed back a month, WWE decided not to wait that long to do the title change.

He also spoke about mental health and the episode of the New Day podcast that was dedicated to mental health following the passing of Daffney Unger, saying:

“On our podcast, we had an episode about mental health. That was important for us to have that conversation, especially after the passing of Daffney. You know, I talked too about the fact that I’m someone who struggled with my mental health and with depression for a long time. And not seeing much value in myself to go from thinking about the juxtaposition of being 20 years old and really struggling and trying to find my way in the world, to now, where people around the world know who I am (and) find value in my work, and find joy in my work. It’s a blessing. I’m grateful to have found purpose and passion.”

You can listen to that podcast episode at this link, and if you’re struggling with mental health issues, information on where you can find help and support can be found at this link.

Quotes via Wrestling Inc

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