Big E Provides New Update On Broken Neck Recovery

Big E Provides New Update On Broken Neck Recovery WWE

Former WWE Champion Big E has provided an update on his neck, opening up about his injury.

Big E has been out of action since suffering a broken neck on the March 11 edition of SmackDown. He has kept fans in the loop, providing frequent health updates.

Speaking on  Out of Character, Big E noted that he’s cleared to live a ‘normal life’, but isn’t going to be taking any bumps anytime soon.

Expressing gratitude, Big E said:

“For right now, I’m cleared to live a normal life and I do live a normal life. But, I’m not cleared to be taking off and hitting suicide spears and be to be taking back bumps. The nature of what we do is very physical, it involves your neck and your spine, and I’d like to keep that as in tact as possible.

So, for me right now, kind of the next step, is they want to take a look at it again after a year, get some more scans, so we’re talking about March 2023 to see what’s doing. We might also along the way, at the 6 and 9 month mark, look it again. But, the upside is that right now, I have no nerve issues, there’s no tingling, no weakness.”

I’ve been in the gym since 2 weeks after breaking my neck. They told me, ‘As long as your neck is in the brace, as long as you stay in the brace, you’re good for that.’

So, yeah i’ve been working out, I feel great, I’m just really grateful. Honestly, it feels like a bullet whizzed by my face. I felt the wind of the bullet go by my head and I’m very grateful to still be here, to have use of my limbs, to still feel good. That’s really my biggest takeaway, is just gratitude. I try to be grateful that I’m still here. I’m still kicking.”

The former WWE Champion previously revealed that doctors expect him to make a complete recovery.

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Transcription via SEScoops

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