Billy Gunn Believes Today’s Talent Want Praise Without Criticism

Billy Gunn Believes Today’s Talent Want Praise Without Criticism AEW

Billy Gunn enjoys coaching in AEW, but he believes today’s talent want praise without criticism.

Since the inception of All Elite Wrestling, WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn has played an integral role as coach backstage for some of the young stars of the promotion.

Speaking on “Oh…You Didn’t Know with Road Dogg Brian James and Ryan Katz”, Gunn discussed his coaching position for AEW.

He said:

I think right now, I’m having fun coaching. The thing is, I think I’m just — maybe just a little rough on the outside and it’s not — I don’t think people know how to take me because I’m very, what is the word?… I don’t do this job to — I have a passion, I love this job. I love this job, I love what I do, I love helping people, I love — I feel I have a wealth of knowledge. I don’t know everything, but I know some things and I know things that work and don’t work and I think that’s kind of where I’m at. I’m like, I’m not here to pet you, I’m not here to, you know — I’m here to make you better. If you’ll listen to me, I will make you better, I promise you that… I think these younger kids don’t understand where I’m coming from. I’m not like — yeah, I’ll be your friend and stuff but let me be your coach first and it’s not that I’m trying to tear you down. I’m not here to do that. I’m here to make you better so, you need to… I don’t know how to say this without just completely being a jerk… I feel they just want me to go, ‘Oh, you’re really good. You’re really good.’ Nothing you just did was good. Let’s structure what you can do to make it good. You’re just literally going out there and just unloading your gun at nothing.

I am when they get me to that point [Billy said about how hard he coaches in AEW and if it’s similar to how he was on Tough Enough]. I’m not that from the get-go. But when I tell you the same thing two or three times, I really don’t wanna say it twice the same way. But I will because maybe you just can’t hear it [the other] times I told you. But I am — when you saw me on Tough Enough, yeah, I was at my breaking point and I was over people not listening. I did Tough Enough and it was — it’s a show. Okay, it’s a show but you’re coming into what I do for a living. It’s not fake, it’s not — you know, you’re not just coming in here to win $250 grand and a chance for a contract. You have to earn it. I did it, you [Road Dogg] did it.

Billy Gunn also works on-screen as a manager for his sons Colten and Austin as well as Max Caster and Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed.

Caster and The Gunn Club defeated Leon Ruffin and Bear Country on last Friday’s episode of AEW Rampage.

For the full results of last week’s Rampage, click here.

Quotes via POST Wrestling

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