Bobby Lashley Explains Why It’s Harder To Mentor New WWE Stars

Bobby Lashley Explains Why It’s Harder To Mentor New WWE Stars

Bobby Lashley has explained how mentoring has changed in the WWE over the years, and why he finds it harder to mentor talent nowadays

Current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has shared the ring with some of the biggest stars in WWE history. Speaking on the Impaulsive podcast, Lashley noted that he can’t really mentor a lot of younger stars as they “think they’re already good”.

Recalling his early WWE years, Lashley said:

“There were a bunch of guys that took me under their wing. When I first started out, I was in the ring with like Booker T, William Regal, (Undertaker) was always there, (Eddie) Guerrero was there, (Chris) Benoit was there. All these different guys when I first came in. I was having feuds with all these guys, they were the best, Kurt Angle was there, so many people, so we were getting mentored the entire time. I was the new kid, they needed me because I had this look like ‘this guy looks crazy so let’s do something with him’, so I was getting mentored by these guys. It was like ‘you have to learn, going off this guy’.

“So that’s what I did but now… the one thing I do with the guys now is slow them down a bit because right now we’re fast paced. Everything’s so quick, so we’ve gotta like, ground them so we can bring the crowd in. That’s what I try to do, but a lot of the guys now, they’re already kinda stars in their own right because of social media or because of the independents, so when they come up, you cant really mentor them so much because they think they’re already good. ”

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At SummerSlam, Lashley retained his WWE Championship over Goldberg via referee stoppage. Lashley recently named a number of “smaller guys” he thinks could win the WWE Title one day.

Lashley recently opened up about the Hurt Business split, noting that he’s comfortable staying in his own lane.

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