Bray Wyatt ‘Not Interested’ In Making The Rounds On The Indies

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

Bray Wyatt ‘Not Interested’ In Making The Rounds On The Indies

Bray Wyatt’s WWE non-compete clause expired this past Friday (October 29), so the Eater of Worlds is now free to show up wherever he so wishes.

While no landing spot for the former Universal Champion has been confirmed, we may now have an idea of where he WON’T be heading. GCW owner Brett Lauderdale recently spoke on Wrestling Inc Daily, where was asked if he had spoken to Wyatt (Windham Rotunda) about showing up in GCW.

Lauderdale responded:

“I have never talked to Bray Wyatt, but my understanding is that I don’t know that our world is very appealing to Bray Wyatt,”

Lauderdale went on to clarify his comments, stating what he meant as it came off rather cryptic. Lauderdale elaborated by saying:

“There’s no secret message there. I think that he’s not interested in making the rounds on the indies. That’s my understanding. I don’t mean any negative implication that he said anything because I’ve never spoken to him. From people I know, that he knows and whatever, it just doesn’t seem like it’s something that’s on his to-do list anytime soon.”

It was reported earlier today that Vince McMahon ‘didn’t like’ Wyatt at the end of his WWE run due to Wyatt voicing his frustrations with creative.

quote via Wrestling Inc

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