Brodie Lee Jr & Amanda Huber Open Up About Carrying The Legacy Of Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee Jr & Amanda Huber Open Up About Carrying The Legacy Of Brodie Lee Twitter

Brodie Lee Jr and Amanda Huber have opened up about their opportunities to continue the legacy of ‘Brodie Lee’ Jon Huber.

Following the tragic passing of Jon Huber in December 2020, Brodie Lee Jr officially joined the Dark Order as ‘-1’, and has appeared on AEW television as part of his late father’s faction.

Brodie has a contract with AEW which will become official following his 18th birthday.

Speaking with Men’s Health, Brodie’s mother Amanda Huber noted that Jon wouldn’tve been too keen on Brodie’s accelerated path in wrestling, noting:

“He would tell you he absolutely hates it, but I could tell you that deep down, in his heart, he would be just bubbling over the moon.”

When asked about the same topic, Brodie Lee Jr noted that he believes his father would be happy if he could see wrestling making him happy:

“I bet if he was here, he would probably change his mind,” he says. “He just wanted me to be happy. If he were here, to have him see me be in the happiest place, me being in the happiest mood, I feel like that would brighten up his day.”

Also in the interview, Amanda addressed criticism she has faced for ‘pimping’ out her child, stating:

“That’s not it, either!” (AEW has handled the situation with) such grace and such kindness … that I personally don’t feel like they’ve exploited him, or taken advantage of us. Everything’s always felt to me like it’s done with nothing but love.

“I think people are skeptical and pessimistic and assume that it’s a lot more sinister than it is. Again, everybody would have a different way of handling this. I’m doing my best. I’m trying. There’s a good chance I’m screwing something up along the way.”

Noting that AEW has made him feel closer to his father, Brodie said:

“(Being involved) helps me because, like, I am ‘Carrying the Legacy’ of my dad.

“I do it because I love it. And my dad did it.”

You can read the full Men’s Health article at this link.

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