Charlotte Reveals How Andrade Proposed To Her

3 years ago by Andy Datson

Charlotte Reveals How Andrade Proposed To Her

Love was very much in the air over the New Year period in WWE, as it was announced that 10-time Women’s Champion had become engaged to WWE United States Champion, Andrade.

But how did WWE’s latest power couple go about taking the next step? Well, it turns out that Andrade is very smooth and had it all planned out during a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Charlotte described the proposal at length in an interview with Seconds Out:

“We went to Cancun, the first time we went we went on our first vacation so obviously he know all the restaurants and hotels where tourists don’t go. He told me he had reservations for New Year’s and I was like, ‘Okay that’s great, whatever. You take care of it because he’s the romantic one.

“So he picked a restaurant waterfront and already had the menu done, what I was gonna eat. Reservations were at 8 he said we need to leave by 10 I’m like, ‘Okay I like the restaurant’ he’s like no let’s leave and go to the bars or restaurants for fireworks for New Year’s countdown.”

Andrade chimed in at this point to say that it’s incredibly hard to surprise Charlotte because she always has to be in control of situations.

“Since the restaurant was waterfront there was a dock and a bunch of boats it was like beside a marina. I love boats too he knows that it’s my favorite thing to do to go out onto the water. So, the waiter took us around the restaurant that was oceanfront down a spiral staircase and I thought this was weird, why aren’t we going out in front of the restaurant to leave. I thought whatever this is fine because when we got there we had our own private waiter, but then it was filling up by the time it was 10 o’clock so I was like, ‘Oh he’s just taking us out back.’ He took us down to the docks and one of the yachts was lit up.”

Andrade then took her onto the boat where they had their own captain and second mate. They went to get dinner and eventually watched the New Year’s fireworks. When Flair turned back to Andrade he was down on one knee. You can guess the rest.

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