Cody Rhodes Takes Blame For Recent Major Omission

Cody Rhodes Takes Blame For Recent Major Omission WWE

Cody Rhodes made his return to WWE back at WrestleMania 38 in Dallas, where he picked up the first of three victories over Seth Rollins.

Cody’s return came shortly after the release of the WWE 2k22 video game, with some fans hoping the American Nightmare would make it into the game as a DLC character.

Cody was not featured in the game, with him making his return to the series in this year’s WWE 2k23 release, and according to the man himself, he is responsible for last year’s omission.

Speaking with Comic Book Nation, Cody himself took the heat for not being a part of last year’s game, noting that he is very particular about the presentation of his character.

He said:

“I’m very hands on, I will even go as far as saying, I wouldn’t put the heat on 2K in me not being in the game initially and then waiting until the modern iteration of it to happen. The reason being, I’m very particular about the American Nightmare, the whole concept of it. It’s something I built while I was away and until you know people are going to fully immerse themselves in it, they are familiar with it, they respect it, and they only want to further give it a signal boost like 2K can do, it just takes time. I was one of the reasons why it took so much time.

“If anybody had any problem, it was more me than it was 2K in the sense that I wanted to make sure it was done correctly. I’m also super petty about ‘what’s my number [rating]?’ Super petty. I’m always on my guard and some of these people were working here when I was Stardust, and I know from the canon of it all, Stardust was a big loser. You’re already ready to fight. ‘I hope they know it’s a different me.’ Most of this crew is more than aware of that and they’ve seen what has happened in our industry. I’m very hands on with it all, which is why it may have taken longer.”

John Cena graces the cover of WWE 2k23, which came as a surprise to a lot of people, as many fans expected Cody to get that slot.

Despite not appearing on this year’s cover, Cody says that it is still a goal of his to end up on a cover.

He said:

“I also know that they know, it’s a big personal goal of mine to earn my way onto the cover. I don’t know when that will happen, hopefully within my contract time here in WWE.

“Cena getting the nod this year, is no doubt, more than earned it. We now have a larger appreciation for who John was and what John did, for as long as he did. It’s definitely one of my goals, the cover and a true cover. Not an exclusive, not a collector’s edition. A true cover. That’s a journey itself, a huge milestone.”

Cody is set to face off with Brock Lesnar at this Saturday’s WWE Backlash event in Puerto Rico.

transcription via Fightful

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