Cody Rhodes Shares Honest Thoughts On Roman Reigns Bringing Up AEW Run

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Cody Rhodes Shares Honest Thoughts On Roman Reigns Bringing Up AEW Run WWE

Cody Rhodes has opened up about his AEW departure, following Roman Reigns’ comments on his AEW run on WWE Raw.

During the March 20 show, Rhodes and Reigns met in the ring, ahead of their WWE Undisputed Universal Championship match at WrestleMania 39.

The duo had a war of words, with the Tribal Chief argued that Rhodes is only back in WWE because he started a promotion that he ‘couldn’t get over in’.

This was clearly a reference to AEW, with fans calling for Cody to turn heel ahead of his departure in February 2022.

Speaking with WrestleJoy, Rhodes noted that he loved that Roman Reigns made this reference, because he can’t hide from it.

Rhodes explained:

“I love that Roman brought it up in terms of running. I have to own it. I did meet adversity and I did not say, you know what, I’m gonna put my feet in the sand and stay.

“I didn’t put my flag here. I’m not gonna get back to the campus. I’m gonna find a different campus. I hate the expression ‘trust the process’ with all my life.

“Why not create the process? Why do I have to trust the process? I’d rather create the process.

“Roman isn’t wrong that the business stung me, and I had to move away from where I got stung. I couldn’t just continue to get stung.”

Roman Reigns is set to pass a major milestone ahead of WrestleMania 39, which you can read more about right here.

Transcription via WrestleJoy

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