Which McMahon’s Theme Song Did Cody Rhodes Have On Repeat?

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Which McMahon’s Theme Song Did Cody Rhodes Have On Repeat? WWE

Cody Rhodes recently shared a fascinating story about which McMahon’s theme song he played on repeat before announcing AEW to the world.

Appearing on the Impaulsive Podcast hosted by fellow Royal Rumble headline maker, Logan Paul, Rhodes shared an amusing story about having one McMahon’s theme song on repeat.

And sadly, no it wasn’t Stephanie McMahon’s but rather another McMahon progeny that Cody played repeatedly before his time with NJPW came to a close.

Telling a story about the time before the founding of AEW, Rhodes said:

“This is not really a Shane McMahon story. So you had mentioned the excursion I went on, but when I plugged back into like, alright, not even just WWE. When we were starting up the other promotion, the money was large. I had been away from the large money for a while, and I was in the Tokyo Dome hotel, getting ready to do this big show, Wrestle Kingdom, it’s a great show. But I knew in a few weeks, it was gonna go down. We were gonna announce [AEW] to the world. We’re gonna be on an actual, real network. This is happening.

“So Shane’s music is ‘Here comes the money,’ it’s like a very signature music. So every time I get on the elevator with the other guys who were in the group with me, I would play that music. There was all these other wrestlers who would [look at us]. We were the enemy. We were leaving, they didn’t know why. I just played it to the point like now I can’t see Shane and not be like, ‘Man, I ruined your song. I played it everywhere.’”

What a difference a year makes as this time last year, Cody Rhodes had departed his previous excursion for parts unknown.

While speculation ran rampant for months, when it came time for Seth Rollins’ mystery opponent to be revealed at WrestleMania 38, most fans weren’t shocked to hear, “Wrestling has more than on royal family.”

It is wrestling royalty versus royalty at this year’s WrestleMania 39 where Cody Rhodes is set to challenge the Undisputed WWE Champion, Roman Reigns.

You can keep up with all the latest news about WrestleMania 39 by clicking here. 

Transcription via WrestleZone

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