Current Plans For Gable Steveson In WWE

9 months ago by Liam Winnard

Current Plans For Gable Steveson In WWE

The current plans for how WWE will be using Gable Steveson have been revealed after he was signed earlier this week.

WWE announced the signing of Steveson to an “exclusive agreement” on September 9, just over a month after he won Olympic gold in Men’s Freestyle wrestling in the 125kg weight class.

As per the Wrestling Observer, before he starts with WWE, Gable Steveson, 21, will be returning to the University of Minnesota to go for his second NCAA championship.

However, WWE is already paying him a “substancial amount” this year, and he will be introduced as a TV character and promote the brand while still in college.

WWE will be setting up a training facility in Minnesota specifically so he can train there while still at college. He’ll also be brought to the Performance Center in Orlando a few times during the year.

He is set to start as a full-time WWE TV performer in May 2022, after the NCAA tournament and after he’s finished college.

There have been rumours of a WrestleMania match between Gable Steveson and his mentor Brock Lesnar as a “passing of the torch” somewhere down the line.

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