Dakota Kai On Which Brand She Wants To Join During WWE Draft

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Dakota Kai On Which Brand She Wants To Join During WWE Draft

Dakota Kai has revealed that she’s keeping her options open regarding a brand move, ahead of the WWE Draft.

Since August, Kai has competed in a number of dark matches before main-roster shows, most recently working an untelevised bout before last week’s edition of SmackDown.

Speaking with BT Sport, Kai stated that she is open to joining Raw and SmackDown, but would be willing to return to NXT to settle unfinished business with the NXT Women’s Champion.

When asked where her sights are set ahead of the upcoming draft, Kai said:

“Honestly, I am going to keep my options open because I don’t really know. I could very well come back to NXT 2.0 because I feel like Raquel and I have a lot more to squash. I don’t think it feels over. At the same time, I am keeping my options open with Raw or SmackDown if that’s the case.

“I don’t really know (laughs). I am down to do whatever. If it is to go to NXT and get in Raquel’s face again, sure, I will do that. Who knows. With NXT 2.0, a lot of new faces in the women’s division were introduced in the last few weeks. Wherever I end up, I will hope that I continue to work towards making that division great.”

The WWE Draft kicks off on Friday’s episode of SmackDown, and will continue on next Monday’s Raw show. NXT will reportedly play a key role in the roster shake-up. WWE has discussed a main roster call-up for a popular NXT faction, as per a recent report.

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