Dana Warrior Reportedly Working Closely With Lacey Evans

Dana Warrior Reportedly Working Closely With Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans has received a large push since her arrival to WWE’s main roster. Her first feud after being called up to NXT was with Becky Lynch and Evans set to face “The Man” once again for the Raw Women’s Championship at Stomping Grounds.

Speaking about this week’s episode of Raw, Dave Meltzer revealed in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Dana Warrior has been working closely with Lacey Evans to provide help with her promos:

“Dana Warrior was there working hands on with Lacey Evans. I don’t know that Evans is a Warrior project but she does work heavily with Evans on her promos”

Meltzer does specify that he is not sure if Dana Warrior is the only one working with Lacey Evans at the moment. It is also not known if other members of the WWE roster are being guided by the widow of the late Ultimate Warrior.

Dana joined WWE’s creative team three months ago in what was dubbed by many as a strange hire. She later revealed while speaking to CBS New York that she was actually surprised when she received the offer from Vince McMahon’s company.

“Well, I was invited to be a part of the creative team. I was absolutely thunderstruck and excited, and it’s an honor. I’ve been a writer since the time I was small. That was what I identified as. Since third grade, when I won my first award at a book fair. I’ve always called myself a writer, and then I put my own addition on the shelf when I got married to raise my children.”

An anonymous member of the creative team called into Wade Keller’s PWTorch show to make some interesting revelations about working on WWE’s creative team. Among many other things the writer said: “we’re all working for Dana Warrior and it’s really awkward”.

Despite having very little experience when it comes to working with wrestling companies, it appears as if Dana Warrior is quickly becoming a hugely influential member of the WWE team.

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