Dave Meltzer Rates Recent Match Over 5 Stars

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Dave Meltzer Rates Recent Match Over 5 Stars

The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter is now out, meaning fans will be able to see the latest star rating from recent matches from Dave Meltzer.

In the latest issue, Dave Meltzer awarded the New Japan Cup final match between Will Ospreay and Shingo Takagi 5 and a half stars. Meltzer had the following to say about the match:

Just an insane match that got off fast as Takagi went for a wheelbarrow German suplex, Ospreay landed on his feet and went for the Oscutter, but Takagi blocked it. Takagi dropped Ospreay right on his broken nose on the top of the turnbuckle. Takagi worked over the right arm and the nose. Ospreay undid the tape on Takagi’s lower back and gave him a back suplex on the guard rail. Ospreay went for a handspring move but Takagi caught him and gave him a Death Valley bomb. Takagi clotheslined Ospreay over the top. Bea Priestley grabbed Takagi’s hair and that allowed Ospreay to shove Takagi into the post. Takagi came back with a Death Valley bomb on the apron. Takagi dropped Ospreay’s nose on the mat and slammed his face on the mat. Takagi went for a table but Priestley took the table away. Takagi used a power bomb followed by the STF and later a Noshigame for a near fall. Takagi tried a pumping bomber but Ospreay power bombed him and hit a lariat. Takagi shoved Ospreay off the rope but Ospreay landed on his feet and climbed up the ropes and while on the top rope hit a dropkick to Takagi who was standing on the top rope. Ospreay climbed back up and gave Takagi a Spanish fly off the top. Next was the crazy clothesline, spin bump, land on feet, Oscutter spot. Ospreay did an Oscutter off the middle rope to the floor and put Takagi on a table. He then came off the top rope with a 450 putting Takagi through the table. He told Priestley to throw himself into the ring with the idea Takagi would get counted out. Takagi sold until the count of 12 and started slapping himself in the face to revive. Ibushi was at ringside doing commentary. Takagi took an Ibushi towel and started wiping his face with it while Ibushi told him to get back in the ring to win. He got in but Ospreay hit a springboard dropkick and followed with a shooting star press. Ospreay went for hidden blade but Takagi collapsed. Then Ospreay collapsed. Ospreay came back with Kawada kicks but Takagi popped up. Takagi then played the monster movie guy as Ospreay kept kicking him and Takagi would just walk forward. Takagi went for a pumping bomber but Ospreay reversed into a fireman’s carry drop. Takagi hit Made in Japan for a near fall. He went for a pumping bomber and Last of the Dragon but Ospreay reversed into a crucifix pin. Takagi then hit a poison rana and went for a pumping bomber but Ospreay turned that into a Spanish fly. The match was just unreal at this point. Ospreay then hit a high kick, two rolling elbows, a hidden blade and storm breaker for the pin. *****½

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