Dax Harwood Provides Insight On FTR’s Decision To Re-Sign With AEW

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Dax Harwood Provides Insight On FTR’s Decision To Re-Sign With AEW AEW

Dax Harwood has provided insight on FTR’s decision to re-sign with All Elite Wrestling.

On the April 5 edition of AEW Dynamite, FTR put their AEW careers on the line for a shot to win the AEW World Tag Team Championships against The Gunns with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler coming out victorious.

Following their win, Dax Harwood explained their decision to stay in AEW and not return to WWE in a recent interview.

Speaking on his FTR podcast with Matt Koon, Harwood explained why FTR re-signed with the promotion and provided more insight into their decision. He said:

“As I’ve said a million times. Never did I want a bidding war between WWE and AEW or to play one side against the other,”

“I appreciate everyone that reached out to me, through other, no pun intended, endeavors or avenues and were interested in having us back, wanted to have us back, said they made a mistake in letting us go.”

“For me, Cash, Maria (his wife), Finley (his daughter), the best course of action for us was to stick around in AEW.”

Noting that travel and legacy were something that All Elite Wrestling gave them that WWE couldn’t afford on the same level, Dax said:

“Yes. We have re-signed with AEW. If you think…Vince has officially been back in charge since right before WrestleMania? If you think that we put pen to paper as soon as that happened and Tony (Khan) made all the adjustments as soon as that happened.”

“I don’t know if you understand how business or contracts work. If you think we went into the building Wednesday night with no contract signed and said, ‘we’re not going to sign unless you give us these belts.'”

“You’re so short-sighted. I said on the podcast months ago, we knew what we wanted to do and everything was getting fine tuned. We knew way before Vince came back in charge what was going to happen. Yes, we have re-signed with AEW.”

Harwood continued on to explain how he felt working in WWE under Vince McMahon and the difference in working with AEW, saying:

“I felt that, working for Vince, I was just a number. Vince has taught his minions underneath him into thinking everyone is replaceable and everyone is just an object and he places these objects where he wants to. We’re not.”

“Maybe in wrestling we are objects, but wrestling should be just a percentage, a small percentage, of what your life is. For better or worse, that’s how Vince runs his business. I was just a number, just an object to Vince.”

“To Tony, I am a human being. He cares about me, my feelings, my family. Working for someone like that, obviously, is going to make our decision much easier when comparing and contrasting to a person who just has us as a number.”

As previously reported, Dax Harwood said that CM Punk and FTR vs. The Elite could be the dream match that takes AEW to the next level.

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