DDP’s Daughter Working For AEW

3 years ago by Nate Craver

DDP’s Daughter Working For AEW

In case you were wondering who the new interviewer was interviewing Mr. Jericho on AEW: Dynamite, we now have the answer. Her name is Lexy Nair and she is the daughter of Diamond Dallas Page.

She’s been appearing on AEW since January 30 as a backstage interviewer.

She’s interacted with some of AEW’s most notorious interviewees so far in her role. Last night, she interviewed Chris Jericho.

Previously, she has interviewed MJF. MJF is always a handful.

She is the daughter of Dallas and Brenda Page. She has a sister named Kimberly Page who happens to share the name of Dallas’s ex-wife Kimberly.  I’m sure that never gets confusing.

Lexy has been doing a fantastic job so far in her role.


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