Former WWE Star Describes Excitement To Work With Tony Khan

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

Former WWE Star Describes Excitement To Work With Tony Khan AEW

A former WWE star recently announced to be All Elite has commented on how he was actually excited to see what Tony Khan had in store.

In discussing Khan acquiring Ring of Honor, recent signee Nigel McGuinness spoke about the history of ROH and their unique new position with their leader at the helm.

In speaking to Stephanie Chase, Nigel McGuinness said:

“I was excited (to hear Tony Khan acquired ROH). I was excited to see what Tony was gonna do with the company, what his plans were. That was one of the first questions I had (for) him when I first actually got him on the phone was what his plans were for the company? He’s done so much in terms of expanding the fan base and the ability for professional wrestlers to make a living through AEW that I was super happy to see him get a hold of Ring of Honor.”

“I mean that’s arguably been a lot of the issue with Ring of Honor over the course of its history is that there was always the product and there was always the passion and the guys that were constantly evolving the style of professional wrestling…

“But that being as it was, there was always the issue, there just wasn’t the money to get it to that next stage and thank God for Cary Silkin who without his support and funding, Ring of Honor just would have died before it had become anything.

But he never had the sort of money, the Tony Khan money to get it to that stage and that sort of platform that hopefully we’re gonna be able to get it to now.”

Ring of Honor continues to see a resurgence in popularity as the weekly editions of the fan favorite brand are available through the Ring of Honor app and Honor Club subscription.

Transcription via POST Wrestling

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