Former WWE Star Calls To Abolish Government

Former WWE Star Calls To Abolish Government

*Sigh* Val Venis has gotten back on his soapbox. Seemingly upset by the restrictions placed on WrestleMania this year, Venis has called for the abolishment of governments. I’m sure that’ll happen.

“I feel horrible for all the talent in the WWE. The biggest stage of all in pro wrestling has now been widdled down to a crowdless house show with a bare bones crew. Governments and media have destroyed the life long dream for pro wrestling talent. #EndTheF*ckingShutDown #WM

Whats everyone up to this fine evening? Y’all practicing your ‘social distancing’ duties ordered by your slave masters? #AbolishGovernment”

Tell us how you really feel, Val. While it is disappointing that WrestleMania is not going to be the extravaganza it normally is, wrestling is not even close to a priority at this time. Also, calling the government “slave masters” is a bit of a slippery slope.

Regardless of what Venis thinks, it must be reiterated that the best course of action is currently to remain at home to limit the spread of the virus. Otherwise, it will take much longer for wrestling and the rest of the world to return to normal.

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