Former WWE Star Leaves Twitter To Protect Mental Health

3 years ago by Tempest

Former WWE Star Leaves Twitter To Protect Mental Health

Former WWE and Impact star Austin Aries has announced that he is leaving Twitter. Aries posted a pair of tweets on February 4 stating that he believes Twitter has contributed to his depression.

Here are the quotes:

“I didn’t become a professional wrestler to be famous or a celebrity or a brand. I just really loved pro wrestling. There’s so much I’d go back and tell that kid now, 20yrs later. And if I could, I’m not so sure he’d chase that same dream again.

As someone who’s struggled with mental health my whole life, I have to be aware when things aren’t serving me, or worse, contributing to my depression. Unfortunately, @Twitter has become that, the negativity too much. So I’ll be stepping away for now. Thanks for following.”

He left WWE in 2017 after competing in their cruiserweight division. Initial reports were he was frustrated with his position and asked for his release but it was later reported that he was unpopular backstage.

Aries infamously left Impact Wrestling following Bound For Glory 2018. He lost the Impact World Championship to Johnny Impact and immediately no-sold the match, got up, yelled at Don Callis and walked to the back.

Aries has most recently competed for MLW, losing a MLW Middleweight title match to Teddy Hart.

Career aside, depression is a serious thing and if leaving social media helps Aries with his struggles, more power to him.

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