Former WWE Star Makes Surprising Appearance On AEW: Dynamite

3 years ago by Nate

Former WWE Star Makes Surprising Appearance On AEW: Dynamite

Tonight, AEW advertised a debate between Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy. They also advertised a surprise moderator.

And, it was definitely surprising. Eric Bischoff was revealed as the moderator. Bischoff was a regular on TNT back with WCW Nitro aired on the network.

Bischoff played it pretty straight during the debate tonight. He did get into a little debate of his own with Jericho after declaring Cassidy the winner of the debate.

Jericho basically told him he sucks and Bischoff retorted. It played off their history of bad blood for Eric’s booking of Jericho back in the WCW days. Jericho could never break through to the top of the card with all the old farts running around.

The segment was quite entertaining. Orange Cassidy dressed up, putting on a clip-on tie for the occasion. He provided a very thorough response about global warming and rising sea levels.

He closed with an argument about how this was the biggest match in either man’s career. Could Jericho afford to lose to the man who puts his hands in his pockets?

Jericho lost it and attacked Cassidy alongside Jake Hager. The duo left him lying in the ring.

This appears to just be a one-off appearance for Eric Bischoff. I wouldn’t expect him to be a regular.

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