Former WWE Star Says “A Recession Will Be Much Worse Than The Virus”

Former WWE Star Says “A Recession Will Be Much Worse Than The Virus”

It was reported in the past 24 hours that the Coronavirus death toll in America has now surpassed 1,000, and the number is expected to grow significantly in the coming weeks and months.

Despite President Trump calling it a “hoax” several weeks ago, and then announcing suddenly that he knew it was real and a pandemic all along, the rising number of deaths will likely lead to greater social distancing and lockdown measures across the country in the near future.

Social distancing and reducing the risk of the virus spreading and therefore further deaths would appear to most people as the sensible course of action, but former WWE/WWE star Ken Shamrock believes it is more important to avoid a recession than to save human lives.

Shamrock took to Twitter to share his opinion that a recession is worse than the virus, and that people should go back to work and stop social distancing.

He then gave us this wonderfully thought out statistic.

For the full Twitter thread, you can head to Ken’s profile page. It’s quite something.

Apologies for possibly sounding biased, but I have to say that saving lives seems to a lot more important than avoiding a recession. The economy can recover. Dead people can’t.

4 years ago by Andy Datson


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