Former WWE Star Explains Why He Rejected Incest Storyline

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Former WWE Star Explains Why He Rejected Incest Storyline

During his time with WWE, current IMPACT star Ken Shamrock was pitched a storyline where he’d become romantically involved with Alicia Webb, who was brought in to play the role of his sister.

While speaking to the “Scheduled For Two Falls” podcast, Shamrock said he didn’t feel comfortable with the storyline, especially considering Alicia Webb’s on-screen name was Ryan Shamrock, which is also the name of his real-life son:

“Here is this beautiful young lady who’s interested in me and just felt comfortable and next thing you know, we’re in a relationship and she’s my sister supposedly in this wrestling thing, and that was the actual next storyline that they wanted me to do was they wanted me to have this incest with my sister. That’s why I was running around trying to save her and all these other things and I was like, ‘The World’s Most Dangerous Man, wants to have sex with his own sister?’ And by the way, my son’s name is Ryan. My legitimate son’s name is Ryan and they made her Ryan and I’m like, people are gonna go, ‘Isn’t that his kid?’ Way too close to home, and I was like, ‘No. I’m not doing that.’”

Given the content of the proposed storyline, and the names of the characters involved, you can totally understand why Ken Shamrock wasn’t comfortable taking part in this storyline.

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