Former WWE Stars AOP Respond To Retirement Rumors

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Former WWE Stars AOP Respond To Retirement Rumors

Former WWE stars Akam and Rezar, who formed the AOP tag team, have responded to rumors that they’re retired from wrestling.

A Fightful report yesterday explained that a promoter who was interested in bringing them in had been told they were no longer in the wrestling business.

Screenshot evidence also emerged of Rezar replying to an interview request in April with, “I’m not a wrestler”.

Reacting to this news, Akam, real name Sunny Dhinsa, and Rezar, real name Gzim Selmani, both tweeted the following image with them alongside Paul Ellering and the caption, “Ain’t Done Yet Bitches”:

Ellering then added, “You don’t like it we don’t care”, and, “When my boys are good …they are good… when my boys are bad…they are very good”.

AOP were managed by Ellering during their time in NXT but after only a few months of being on the main roster, they were put with Drake Maverick instead.

Before being told they were retired, Fightful reported that AEW and NJPW had both previously considered bringing them in, but nothing materialized.

The duo won NXT’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic tournament in 2016 before winning the brand’s tag team championship in early 2017.

They were then promoted to Raw after WrestleMania 34 in April 2018 and became Raw Tag Team Champions the following November, but were released on March 10, 2020 after a brief run in Seth Rollins’ faction.

Considering their tweets, perhaps they’re open to returning to pro-wrestling at some point soon, or perhaps they could branch out into other areas like MMA while remaining somewhat of a unit.

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