Here’s Why Harry Smith Hasn’t Been Used On WWE TV Since Return

11 months ago by Dane McGuire

Here’s Why Harry Smith Hasn’t Been Used On WWE TV Since Return

A new report has revealed more about Harry Smith’s (Davey Boy Smith Jr) position in WWE, and why he hasn’t been used on TV since re-signing.

Harry Smith, formerly Davey Boy Smith Jr, hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since he signed a deal with the company earlier this year. In July, Smith wrestled a dark match ahead of an episode of SmackDown before confirming that he had re-joined the company.

Since then, not much has been known about what’s next for him until now. Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that Smith is “100%” still with WWE, but still hasn’t been assigned a brand, writing:

“He signed with WWE but is yet to be officially assigned to a brand. So, he’s in “hurry up and wait” mode, but he’s 100% with the company.”

Smith’s previous WWE run spanned from 2006 to 2011 and included two stints as a tag team champion alongside Tyson Kidd.

The WWE Draft takes place on October 1 edition of SmackDown, and the October 4 episode of Raw. Local advertising has seemingly spoiled a draft result, ahead of the shake-up.

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