Popular IMPACT Wrestling Stars Open Up On Lessons From Bullet Club

2 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Popular IMPACT Wrestling Stars Open Up On Lessons From Bullet Club NJPW

Two rising stars in IMPACT Wrestling have revealed the lessons that they learned from Bullet Club veterans.

Ace Austin and Chris Bey are the current IMPACT Tag Team Champions and members of Bullet Club.

Speaking on Fightful’s Wrestling Perspective Podcast, the pair discussed the lessons they have learned from the stable’s veterans, particularly WWE’s Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson.

Bey would talk about the aspects of crowd control that he picked up from the pair, saying:

“Honestly, the two things that I think about off the top of my head that has gone the furthest with me, being around [Luke] Gallows, [Karl] Anderson, part of Jay White’s matches, and to take it all in, and letting those moments, festive also, [learning] crowd control, those guys have really great crowd control, and that’s our business.

“It’s entertainment at the end of the day; it’s selling tickets and entertaining people.

“If you can master the art of crowd control, the rest is almost cake; of course, it will be hard work, but that’s why we trained; we put in all the hours.

“It’s why we’ve wrestled the number of matches we wrestle. That’s why we stay consistent in wrestling independently and on IMPACT every week.

“It’s all there for the reps, but the crowd control is unbeatable, and being in the Bullet Club, having the fans that Bullet Club has globally, you say too sweet, and everybody’s going crazy.

“Where do I put this in my repertoire, blend this with me, but also get some crowd control here, like honestly just that crowd control and taking it all in and making everything feel larger than life? Even the simplest thing is what I’ve taken from it.”

Austin would continue with the subject, adding:

“That’s a great way to put it, as far as in-ring goes. That’s 100% what it’s like, and outside of the ring. I would say that one of the biggest takeaways for me is just how to handle yourself globally. How to hold yourself [accountable] for being a part of something like Bullet Club.

“It’s more than a single mentor; it’s a whole club of people. There are international secrets, literally, international secrets that you don’t get to learn without getting into a position like Chris and I are in, and those Japan tours that I’ve done are, have been life-changing in that way.

“It’s just a way to handle yourself as a superstar globally; it’s a total elevation.”

Ace Austin would conclude by looking at the moment he realised the magnitude of his involvement, saying:

“What’s funny about that is you, and I had that moment there at the finals for Junior Tag League.

“After joining Bullet Club, I had another similar moment at the end of my first tour.

“Then Jay White wins the IWGP world title, and Bullet Club hits the ring with the beers, and we’re celebrating, and there’s confetti.

“There are thousands of people, and L.G. [Luke Gallows] looks at me, and he goes, it’s damn cool, isn’t it.

“We had, he was one of those things where he just gave me that look; hey, make sure you soak this because this is something. So, yeah, it was a good way to snap me back into, you’re a part of this, you’re a part of it.”

Ace Austin and Chris Bey are set to defend their IMPACT Tag Team Championship at IMPACT Wrestling & NJPW Multiverse United: Only The Strong Sruvive on March 30 2023.

Transcript from Fightful.

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