Change To Jade Cargill WWE Status Update

Change To Jade Cargill WWE Status Update WWE

An update has emerged on a potential change to the WWE roster status of Jade Cargill that emerged recently.

Despite Cargill only recently ‘officially’ signing with SmackDown, the WWE Draft is coming up and it seemed her brand may be open to change already.

In a new video on social media, Cargill said:

“With the draft coming up, I’m keeping my eyes on all brands. That’s including NXT.

“And I’m particularly interested in this Trick Williams vs The Mad Dragon (Ilja Dragunov) match for the NXT Championship.

“And if I had to place my bet, I would put my money on Whoop That Trick.”

The video caught the attention of WWE NXT General Manager Ava, who simply responded with a “💁🏽‍♀️” emoji.

While at first the video caught a lot of attention about Jade Cargill potentially being at or even permanently moving to NXT, it appears that may not be the case after all.

Instead, it seems it was just part of a push from WWE to build interest in the Williams vs Dragunov match, as a few other main roster WWE stars have made very similar posts with their predictions.

Rey Mysterio tweeted that he predicts Williams will win, and in a backstage video, A-Town Down Under disagreed, with Austin Theory predicting Williams but Grayson Waller predicting Dragunov.

Basically, don’t read too much into the Cargill/NXT situation as it seems she’s just one of multiple stars who are chipping in to promote this week’s NXT Spring Breakin’ show.

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