Joey Janela Calls AEW All Out Triple Threat Good, Harmless Fun

3 years ago by Nate Craver

Joey Janela Calls AEW All Out Triple Threat Good, Harmless Fun

In speaking with Bleacher Report, Joey Janela has a bit of a different recollection than most fans when discussing his Triple Threat Match at All-Out.  Most people wouldn’t describe mouthfuls of thumbtacks, skateboards full of nails, trust falls onto barrels and stairs, and moonsaults onto concrete harmless fun.

In fact, Janela states:

The three way, I think it was good, harmless fun with some craziness in there. We were within the boundaries of a PG-14 environment. And, if we had done it without the staple gun, I think the match could work in a PG environment. For the most part, the craziness was contained.

Where does the Bad Boy draw the line?

I’m not really big on people taking chairs to the head. I know how bad concussions can be. When I was younger, I did take chair shots to the head. That’s a no-no for me now.

The interview also discusses Joey’s wrestling style.  He definitely has strong opinions on wrestlers falling into a routine during matches.

I don’t have a set move set or a formula. A lot of these guys, they get lazy. They develop a formula which they use every match. And it makes their matches lack excitement.

Many people don’t know this, but Janela has had some pretty good matches that are a bit more traditional.

I’ve always been a good technical wrestler. I’m pretty good at adapting to my opponent. I wrestled a match with Zach Sabre Jr. a couple years ago where we went to a 30-minute time limit draw. Thirty minutes of technical wrestling. That’s the kind of match my critics are never going to watch, because they don’t want to admit I have that aspect.

You can read the rest of the interview on Bleacher Report, where Janela discusses everything from still living at home, Jim Cornette, and having a long term plan to make a living in the business.  One thing’s for sure, Joey Janela is a bit different than the rest and here’s to hoping AEW continues to be the same.


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