Jon Moxley Is The New AEW Champion

3 years ago by Nate

Jon Moxley Is The New AEW Champion

Jon Moxley wins the AEW World Championship. He has defeated Chris Jericho in a stellar match to become the second-ever AEW Champion.

He’s also managed to keep his undefeated streak going. For the majority of the early portions of the match, Jericho dominated.

The duo brawled throughout the fans.  Aubrey Edwards tried to get them back in the ring.  Once they made it in, the match really picked up.

This match had a very New Japan feel. From Chris Jericho taking the camera to him ringing the bell and declaring himself the winner, this match had a lot of that Japanese style.

In order for Moxley to win, he had to overcome a lot of interference from The Inner Circle. Eventually, Edwards would eject them from ringside.

During the match, Moxley was busted open right above his “injured” eye. Jericho would target the good eye to try to take advantage.

However, Moxley removed the eye patch revealing it was all a ruse. After he removed the patch, he would hit the Paradigm Shift and get the huge win.

Mox would then cut a promo for the live crowd saying how he won this for the fans and shares the victory with the fans. He did all this while wearing his brand new t-shirt.

Of course, he did. This is a t-shirt company after all.

Where does Moxley go from here? He says he’s going to be a fighting champion. You’d have to believe Jericho will want a rematch, but after that who will be next to challenge?

Coming out of this show, it’s not really clear who the next number 1 contender could be.  MJF and Cody could continue their feud after MJF used dirty tactics to win.

Maybe Darby Allin? Maybe PAC? Let us know who you think should be the next to challenge Moxley on Twitter.

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