Lacey Evans Returns On SmackDown With Very Different Character

12 months ago by Amanda Savage

Lacey Evans Returns On SmackDown With Very Different Character WWE

It appears the over-the-top, sassy southern belle is no more as Lacey Evans returned to WWE television with a new look and new humility.

Lacey Evans has made her return to WWE screens in a backstage promo, packaged as a re-introduction to the origin story of Lacey Evans.

Evans appeared on screen looking fantastic as she returned from over a year away from the ring as she was pregnant and then recovering from having given birth to a baby daughter in December.

Evans spoke about her childhood including her Father who struggled with mental health and addiction issues, leading her Mother to flee the dysfunctional dynamic which ultimately left the family experiencing homelessness.

Lacey ended her promo by saying:

“I’m motivated, ready for anything, confident, caring wife, mother, sister, daughter, United States Marine and WWE superstar. That doesn’t make me better than any of these other WWE superstars, but they damn sure ain’t better than me.” 

The segment ended with Michael Cole saying the story of Lacey Evans continues next week. 

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