Mandy Rose Breaks Her Silence To Comment On Former WWE Colleague

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

Mandy Rose Breaks Her Silence To Comment On Former WWE Colleague WWE

Mandy Rose has broken her silence after having parted ways with WWE to take to Twitter to share her thoughts about one of her former colleagues!

Taking to Twitter, Mandy Rose shared her thoughts about the woman who dethroned her for the NXT Women’s Championship, Roxanne Perez.

Rose retweeted a video of Perez talking about how much she liked Mandy Rose with her own positive comment.

Rose wrote:

“Awww love you roxc you’re amazing ❤️🙏🏻🥲”

Elsewhere on Twitter, Mandy Rose also shared that she is offering a discount for her fans on her exclusive premium content page.

Rose’s agent told TMZ last week week that Rose had made $500,000 from her exclusive content in just a week since being released, and expected to be a millionaire by Christmas (there’s no confirmation yet as to whether or not that happened).

Mandy Rose was abruptly released by WWE December 14 as soon as the company found out about the type of content she was posting on her page.

WWE believed they had “absolutely no choice” but to release her and she “way, way, way crossed the line” of what was acceptable.

She dropped the NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez on December 13 – after reigning dominantly for 413 days – and was let go by the company the following morning.

As previously reported by Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the title change was a rushed decision made by Shawn Michaels as soon as he found out earlier that day about the type of content Mandy Rose had been posting on her exclusive content page.

It’s worth reiterating a misconception – WWE didn’t fire Rose just because of the fact she had a subscription service, but reportedly more so because of the nature of what she was posting on there, which, per Meltzer, the company thought ‘way, way, way crossed the line’.

Fightful Select previously reported that Rose had indicated to people in recent months that she did realize what she was posting could get her in trouble with WWE management.

Rose’s reign with the NXT Women’s Title clocked in at 413 days, so it was just four days off being the second-longest NXT Women’s Title reign of all time behind Asuka’s.

Had the title change taken place on either January 10 or February 4 as originally planned, Rose’s reign would have overtaken Shayna Baszler to hit that second place milestone.

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