Maria Kanellis’ WWE Future Revealed

3 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Maria Kanellis’ WWE Future Revealed

On Monday night just before Raw, 205 Live Superstar Mike Kanellis revealed on Twitter that he had asked the company for his release.

Kanellis explained that he was unhappy working just one day per week and said he felt as if his body could do more.

However, it was rumoured that Kanellis’ request would not be granted. WWE is likely not wanting to let anyone go at the moment with AEW showing their willingness to take former WWE stars and put them on TV.

This left Mike’s wife Maria in a rather difficult situation. In his statement, Mike failed to mention if Maria Kanellis had also requested her release from the company.

However, Maria has now taken to Instagram to get some things straight. In the post, she confirmed that she has not requested her WWE release like her husband.

Maria is currently pregnant, so likely won’t be featured on TV anytime soon. However, it remains unclear whether WWE will be using the pair on 205 Live once Maria gives birth to her baby.

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