More Details Emerge On Sasha Banks Taking Bookings

11 months ago by Amanda Savage

More Details Emerge On Sasha Banks Taking Bookings WWE

After it was announced earlier today that fans could see Sasha Banks again, now billed under her real life name, Mercedes Varnado, at an upcoming convention.

Of course as the speculation swirled, it has now been reported by Fightful Select that promoters who reached out to Banks’ camp in order to discuss booking the highly popular star were given some very interesting information in response to their inquiries.

According to the report, while non-wrestling related convention organizers inquiring about Varnado’s availability were quoted a firm, specific rate, wrestling related promoters were told something else entirely.

Apparently, many wrestling-related promoters that attempted to book her were informed that she was only taking non-wrestling related bookings until January 1, 2023.

Fightful was not able to confirm whether or not the rationale behind delaying wrestling related bookings was due to Sasha Banks’ preference or whether it was related to contractual obligations but noted they exhausted their sources trying to find out.

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