Mustafa Ali Continues Character Change In Response To Troll

Mustafa Ali Continues Character Change In Response To Troll WWE

WWE star Mustafa Ali has put a Twitter user in their place after they directed hurtful comments at the former Retribution leader.

Ali has had a troubled few creative years in WWE, at one point requesting his release and making the hashtag #FreeAli go viral on Twitter.

Ali has slowly been undergoing a heel turn on Raw during a feud with Dolph Ziggler, where he is being rather tongue in cheek about being more ‘positive’ in order to pick up wins, which worked in his favour when he beat Ziggler on this week’s show.

A Twitter user named James commented on one of Ali’s tweets with a rather unpleasant message:

“Like a bad penny. Just can’t get rid of this f**king guy. Only, a penny has a small amount of value. Ali is still worthless.”

Continuing with his new on screen positive outlook, Ali took the negativity in stride, responding with a humorous comeback of his own:


“We say things we don’t mean when we can’t express love ❤️ and gratitude 🙏🏽!!!

“We even say things about others that we actually feel about ourselves 😢

“It’s okay!! I want you to know that I, Mustafa Ali, APPRECIATE YOU! YOU ARE NOT WORTHLESS! You matter, James!!! 👍”

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