New Tag Team Champions Crowned On WWE Raw

3 years ago by Nate

New Tag Team Champions Crowned On WWE Raw

Tonight on WWE Raw, The Viking Raiders have defeated the team of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to become the new Raw Tag Team Champions.  The match featured several near falls, but in the end, Erik and Ivar were able to pick up the huge win.

This is the first Tag Team Championship for The Viking Raiders on the main roster.  The duo had previously won the NXT Tag Team Championships under the Name of The War Raiders, Rowe and Hanson.

Their names were changed a few times once they hit the main roster.  Even though the pair is incredibly talented and have an awesome move-set, they weren’t immediate successes on the main roster.

They had a ton of squash matches which did not really get them over with the crowd.  Over the last couple of months they had a brief feud with The O.C.’s Gallows and Anderson.

After coming out on top of that feud, they turned their attention to the former champions, Roode and Ziggler.  It’s been rumored Roode is a favorite of Paul Heyman.  He may been in line for a bit of a single’s push.

After the match, The Viking Raiders cut a brief promo.  They reminded fans they were undefeated as a team on Raw.  They also reminded fans they are former IWGP, ROH, and NXT champions.

They certainly are a team to build a tag team division around.  Now here’s to hoping Vince stays interested in tag team wrestling long enough to allow them to have a credible reign.

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