Randy Orton Admits It Took Him A While To Understand ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

Randy Orton Admits It Took Him A While To Understand ‘Black Lives Matter’ Movement

Randy Orton, who is one of many WWE stars who have shown support to Black Lives Matter, admits it took him a while to understand the movement.

Not to dwell on this, but for context, in 2016 Orton tweeted ‘All Lives Matter’ posts a few times, so it’s perhaps a pleasant surprise he’s been able to educate himself on the movement and what it stands for.

And this is something he has no problem admitting. Speaking with CBS Sports, he explained:

“When Kaepernick was kneeling, I looked at it as disrespecting the American flag and that he was disrespecting the servicemen and women who fight for our freedom and our free speech and come home in a coffin when they give the ultimate sacrifice. That coffin draped in an American flag. I think I went on Booker T’s radio show and even said those things and I believed them.

“It took me a little time, but what I had to do was realize, Kaepernick, he wasn’t s***ting on the flag. He wasn’t disrespecting the people that have given their lives for our freedom. He was taking a stand against police brutality. As a white guy, I don’t see it. But then I started listening to my black brothers and sisters, especially the ones I’ve known for years and some for more than a decade. I was hearing first-hand accounts of interactions with cops that took advantage of the situation and the power they had because they maybe felt a certain way about the color of someone’s skin. That’s when the lightbulb went off.

“I’m embarrassed to say it, but it took me a little while but I get it. What I said on Twitter, I stand behind. If anyone doesn’t agree with me, I think they need to do more digging. Go look at Big E’s Twitter from a week ago, go look at Xavier Woods’ Twitter, go look at things Kofi said, that Mark Henry said, that Shelton said, that R-Truth said. If you read what they’re saying and try to put yourself in their shoes for even just a minute, you’re going to see right now that it’s not fair. All lives do matter, but like I said on Twitter, until black lives matter, all lives can’t matter. My only regret is that it took me a little bit and some soul searching to see that.”

Fair play to Orton and hopefully the people out there who still don’t understand the movement can take this as motivation to educate themselves until they do.

Orton was victorious last night in the main event of the Backlash pay-per-view against Edge in the ‘Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’.

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