Rumour: WWE Will Not Accept Mike Kanellis Release Request

Rumour: WWE Will Not Accept Mike Kanellis Release Request

Late last night (or whenever you saw the news in your country), it was reported that WWE star Mike Kanellis had officially asked for his release from the company, posting a long message on Twitter to explain his decision.

As you can see, he explained exactly why he is unhappy and therefore you would expect any reasonable employer to grant him his release.

Oh wait he works for WWE. The current rumour, as reported by cagesideseats, is that Kanellis’ request will not be granted, and that he will likely have to sit out the rest of his newly signed 5-year contract, doing whatever humiliating thing WWE asks him to do.

There are some who do not have sympathy for Kanellis, given how recently he signed a new deal with WWE, but it was mostly a positive and supportive response from fans.

Despite the rumour that he will not be released, several fellow WWE stars replied to the tweet wishing him luck in the future, which would point towards his request being granted, but it really does feel like WWE is refusing to release anyone right now.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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