Sabu Reveals Who Contacted Him For Double or Nothing 2023 Role

Sabu Reveals Who Contacted Him For Double or Nothing 2023 Role AEW

Following his rather strange cameo role in the Double or Nothing Unsanctioned match between Adam Cole and Chris Jericho, Sabu has revealed who was behind the whole thing.

Reflecting on his brief tenure in AEW, whilst taking part in a virtual signing with Golden Ring Collectibles, the ECW legend shared how the whole thing came about.

Sabu said:

“About a week before the Wednesday when I did the first appearance (for AEW) and by Wednesday, the Wednesday before the Wednesday I did the Dynamite appearance. I think it’s Dynamite.

Chris Jericho called me. Actually, we chatted a little bit and then he called me back and said, ‘Hey, I got an idea.’

I said, ‘Okay,’ then he called me on the phone, said, ‘I got an idea. Adam Cole, me,’ boom, boom, boom. This and that, the other thing.

He goes, ‘We’ll bring you out as a surprise if you wanna do it.’ I go, ‘Yeah.’”

Sabu’s appearance caused some fans to question whether the 58-year-old was gearing up for a final match in the company also.

However, that doesn’t seem in Sabu’s immediate plans, although he didn’t entirely rule it out either, especially if the money is right, saying:

“I’d need like three months to get in shape though (for one more match), and the right amount of money.

“That would get me in shape faster.”

Along with the match itself between Cole and Jericho not being particularly well-received by fans, the random, somewhat out of place role Sabu played was also questioned online.

At least now the detractors have someone specific to point blame towards for the whole thing.

Transcript courtesy of POST Wrestling.

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4 months ago by Jamie Toolan


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