Samoa Joe On Why There’s A ‘New Crisis Every Week’ Backstage In WWE

7 months ago by Taylor Sanchez

Samoa Joe On Why There’s A ‘New Crisis Every Week’ Backstage In WWE

Samoa Joe has compared his TNA tenure with working in WWE, opening up about working in such a ‘chaotic environment’.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, Joe recalled his time in TNA as easy going, noting that a lot of the roster were willing to help each other out.

The former NXT Champion stated that there’s always a new crisis every week in WWE just because of the scale of TV production, and different locations every week.

Explaining the differences between the two promotions’ backstage environments, Joe said:

“You know, TNA, obviously the locker room is awesome. Backstage at times could be chaotic. It was very easy going in a good way. Especially in TNA, a lot of people wanted to work together to help each other and help get each other over.

“When you get to WWE, it’s just a whole different animal. TV production is so much bigger; different cities, location issues. I mean, there’s always a new crisis every week just based on the nature of having to take this giant circus every week to film it. You know, you get used to working in an inherently chaotic environment just by the very nature of what it is. So, I will say this. I can’t say that I’ve been in a locker room in my entire career that hasn’t been stellar.”
Joe left the WWE main roster following his release in April. He returned to the company in June, re-joining NXT. Joe hasn’t been in action since winning the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver 36 in August. He relinquished the title last month due to an undisclosed injury.
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