See Vince McMahon’s High School Yearbook (PHOTO)

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

See Vince McMahon’s High School Yearbook (PHOTO)

Vince McMahon is a lot of things, and thanks to Reddit user burnedflag, we now know what he was like during his high school days.

An image of his high school yearbook was posted, and it may be one of the most Vince McMahon things ever:

“Flex” will probably always be remembered for the way he strutted around school, holding his head high. His most outstanding accomplishments were in the field of athletics and geometry. Vince plans to attend East Carolina College next year, after which he hopes to achieve the high ambitions he has set for himself (President of the U.S.??)

Of course he was nicknamed “Flex”.

As much as I’d love to take credit for the following joke, I won’t. Reddit user ColtCallahan replied:

“His greatest accomplishments were in geometry”.

Ironic considering he’s absolutely terrible at angles now.

Just something to cheer you up on this mid-October Sunday.


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