Serena Deeb Teases Reunion With CM Punk

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Serena Deeb Teases Reunion With CM Punk

Serena Deeb has discussed her current relationship with CM Punk, teasing a Straight Edge Society reunion,

Deeb joined Punk’s society in January 2010, having her head shaved bald as part of her initiation. almost 12 years on, Deeb notes that she still speaks to the former WWE Champion every week.

Speaking with Nick Hausman of Wrestling Inc, Deeb opened up about support she has received from Punk over the years, stating that he helped guide her before she even got to WWE.

Hinting that a reunion could be on the cards, Deeb said:

“I love it. I totally love it. I knew that was gonna be your question. No, it’s awesome. I love it. You know, we have a great relationship. We obviously go back a long way. We did some really good business together over the years. I met Punk in I want to say 2005 in OVW when he first reported there and Paul Heyman was booking the show.

“Punk was his guy and Punk was the driving force behind getting me to Shimmer for the first time, which at the time was, as a female wrestler, that was the indie that you aspired to go to because that was the best. From Shimmer that got me to Ring of Honor. So Punk really guided me and really helped support me and getting to all these places before WWE.

“Then of course The Straight Edge Society. I think because we had that great relationship and that friendship and that foundation, we had a chemistry already just from all of that and it translated on screen. I constantly get tagged on social media and people still love the Straight Edge Society and it was over a decade ago. It’s crazy. So I love having him in the locker room. I think he is somebody that all the guys and all the women should be asking for feedback.

“I ask him to watch my matches. He doesn’t always get the chance to because he’s obviously doing a million things on the show, but you know, if there’s someone you want to go to for feedback, especially from a storytelling perspective, dude’s a master storyteller. I mean, he blows my mind with some of the stuff he does. So I think he’s clearly one of the best to ever do it. We have a great relationship. We talk every week, and everything’s great and yeah, we might see a reunion someday, you know.”

Punk and Deeb are both currently signed to AEW. Deeb last wrestled at Winter is Coming, losing to Hikaru Shida. Punk’s most recent match was on the December 1 edition of Dynamite, against Lee Moriarty.

Bret Hart recently noted that he considers CM Punk the ‘best overall wrestler’, aside from himself.

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