SmackDown Live To Host Major Grudge Match

4 years ago by Liam Winnard

SmackDown Live To Host Major Grudge Match

One of the feuds running through SmackDown Live of late has been that of former Rusev Day teammates Rusev and Aiden English, and it’s all set to blow off (except it almost definitely won’t) this coming Tuesday.

After weeks and weeks of tension mounting between the two, with English repeatedly costing Rusev big matches, the ‘Shakespeare of Song’ eventually snapped and claimed that he was the reason Rusev Day grew so popular with the WWE fanbase as Rusev told him to stay backstage for his matches. Only… Lana heard this. Oh dear.

Later that same night, after costing Rusev a US Championship match to Shinsuke Nakamura, English launched a post-match beatdown on the Bulgarian, putting an end to their friendship.

In the weeks that followed, Aiden decided to turn his hate towards Rusev into a device the cause friction between the latter and his wife Lana.

The Chicago native did this through video footage of himself and Lana in a hotel in Milwaukee, and teased that the ‘Ravishing Russian’ advanced on him, and that she was being a dishonest wife to Rusev.

After what seemed like years of hinting at this and cutting the footage short, it was revealed two weeks ago that it was actually Aiden who made the first move, and Lana made him look like a bit of a plum in the process, responding with a swift rejection.

The latest chapter in the saga came last week at SmackDown 1000, as Aiden distracted Rusev in the latter’s World Cup qualifier against The Miz, costing him the match in the process. Rusev proceeded to attack English, leaving him with some pretty sore-looking wounds.

I bet Tuesday’s grudge match won’t end with a DQ or a roll-up or something naff like that.

Except it will.

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