Sonya Deville ‘Wanted To Fight’ Charlotte Flair At SmackDown

8 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Sonya Deville ‘Wanted To Fight’ Charlotte Flair At SmackDown

The backstage altercation between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair has been the biggest news in the world of wrestling this weekend, after the title exchange segment at the end of last week’s (October 22) SmackDown.

The segment saw Charlotte Flair drop the Raw Women’s Championship on the ground, before Sonya Deville told Charlotte to pick it up, in a moment that was seen as Flair trying to ‘get one up’ over Becky.

PWInsider today provided an update on the situation, stating that the altercation between the two happened in Gorilla Position, right in front of Vince McMahon and Bruce Prichard, but Lynch wasn’t the only one mad at Flair. Sources told PWInsider described Sonya Deville as ‘mad enough to want to fight Flair’, and also having an argument with Charlotte backstage at SmackDown.

WWE escorted Flair out of the arena after the altercation with Lynch, which some close to her have pointed to as a sign of disrespect given her family legacy and importance to SmackDown going forward. One talent who was in the building, but did not see the altercation, said that they believed the company did the right thing as it was WWE’s way of defusing the situation.

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