Austin Theory To Be Spotlighted In Royal Rumble Match

1 year ago by Amanda Savage

Austin Theory To Be Spotlighted In Royal Rumble Match

Austin Theory has been featuring on WWE Raw alongside Vince McMahon for weeks but after a clean victory on this week’s show over Finn Balor, a new report has surfaced alleging that this big push has no end in sight.

In a report to an unnamed source said:

“Austin [Theory] is going to get time to shine in the Rumble match. Last I heard was he will be in the final 4 or 5 at the end of the match.”

The source went on to add “that McMahon feels that Theory will become a main eventer within the next year.”

Austin Theory has been receiving praise from around the wrestling world as of late, with Jim Cornette having this to say about his potential:

“As far as Austin Theory, I cannot find a flaw in this kid. His body language, his facials, his attitude, his timing, his ring positioning, the execution of what he does, his aggression, his selling, he’s not only great, but he’s great beyond his years. He’s a prodigy.”

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WWE’s Royal Rumble is scheduled for January 29 from St. Louis, Missouri.

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