Styles vs Nakamura 2 Set For Greatest Royal Rumble

Styles vs Nakamura 2 Set For Greatest Royal Rumble

Ever since WrestleMania 34, Shinsuke Nakamura has been taking AJ Styles on weekly visits to Brian Zane’s D*** Kick City. Well more like the Ball Punch-berg, but you get the point.

Since failing to capture the title on the biggest stage of them all, Nakamura seems to have snapped harder than Batman’s spine.

Over the last two weeks of Smackdown, Nakamura has interrupted both of Styles’ matches, ruining a dream match between Styles and Daniel Bryan in the process. The constant assaults, though, have led to another title match between the two being officially set for the Greatest Royal Rumble.

The King of Strong style hit NXT hard, taking the promotion by storm, he captured the title and stole our hearts. Carrying on the main roster, that charisma was irresistible, and, after winning the Rumble, we all counted down the days until Shinsuke won the WWE Championship. Then he failed, and he turned on Styles like Shawn Michaels in a barber shop.

To those unfamiliar with Nakamura’s time in Japan, seeing this beloved figure become such an amazing heel must be somewhat unexpected. Here’s a man you never thought you’d boo, playing a better heel than he ever did a face. It’s like finding out Mr. Rogers would have made the perfect Darth Vader. Ok, maybe it’s more like watching Sting (the singer) play a bad guy in Dune, but it’s still shocking.

His facial expressions, the way he moves, almost casually, around a weakened foe, the sneak attacks, and his refusal to speak English, add up to a character dripping with disdain for his opponent. This new heel version is captivating in a whole new way, and has helped get us all excited for Nakamura vs Styles II(I).

5 years ago by Cody Brooks


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