Target Demographic Loves The Acclaimed

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

Target Demographic Loves The Acclaimed AEW

There were some interesting data points noted in viewership details for the most recent episode of AEW Dynamite (October 5).

According to a discussion from WrestleNomics, the rate of overall decline of viewers in the coveted by advertisers demographic of viewers aged 18-49 for the October 5 episode exceeded the normal rate observed over the past four weeks.

So while perhaps more people changed the channel away from AEW Dynamite overall from the demographic, there was some good news for fans of scissoring.

However, in positive quarter hour news, there was one segment that didn’t decline in the 18-49 demographic, in fact it gained viewers.

The only quarter to gain viewers was The Acclaimed’s ‘National Scissoring Day’ segment featuring Swerve Strickland which saw a 6% increase in target demo viewership during the segment.

The highest quarter hour of the episode was the opening segment while the lowest was the overrun that extended Dynamite beyond 10pm, losing exactly 300,000 viewers.

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