The Hardys Wanted To Do Cinematic Match With Top AEW Tag Team

The Hardys Wanted To Do Cinematic Match With Top AEW Tag Team AEW

The Hardys wanted to do a cinematic match with a top AEW tag team.

At AEW Double Or Nothing 2022, Matt and Jeff Hardy defeated The Young Bucks. Following the show, Jeff Hardy was suspended from the company after being arrested for a DUI.

On the latest episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt reflected on the match and believed coming out of the Double Or Nothing bout, The Hardys were going to continue working with Matt and Nick Jackson for a bit.

Recalling The Hardys and The Young Bucks having interest in doing a “Too Sweet Or Delete” cinematic match, Matt said:

“I think so. I think we were going to do somewhat of a program with The Young Bucks following that match (at AEW Double or Nothing 2022).”

“Obviously, we were already advertised for that Triple Threat Ladder match which was gonna be for the titles which would have seen us most likely crowned as the AEW World Tag Team Champions, and we really wanted to get in the Too Sweet or Delete, like a cinematic match with The Young Bucks.”

“That’s something both myself and Jeff (Hardy) and those guys had wanted to do as well so, I don’t know. Maybe that’s something that can happen down the road or whatever but it could have happened then, especially because they were very much heels and we were a bunch of babyfaces at that time.”

“So I think you would have seen a couple more interactions with The Hardys and Young Bucks but I think ultimately, it was gonna be The Hardys working against some younger teams in the months following that if we would have won the World Tag Team Titles.”

Admitting that he still has desire for The Hardys to face The Young Bucks in a cinematic match down the line, Matt Hardy stated:

“Yeah, we still do (want to do a cinematic match with The Young Bucks).”

“We’re still fans of it. I think it could go down as one of the greatest cinematic matches ever because, I feel like whenever I started talking with Matt and Nick and we start throwing around ideas and everybody’s being creative, it’s a great process and I think it would be one of the more entertaining cinematic matches ever had between two very established teams.”

When looking back on the lead-up to their Double Or Nothing showdown, Matt also admitted that both teams wanted to get in-ring promo time, but they could not get that, so they did it on Being The Elite. He said:

“And you asking something about if I was worried about doing more stuff on B.T.E. than I was on TV (during The Hardys versus Young Bucks build), if you notice and I’ll probably say this with the exception of MJF, there’s not a lot of promo time on AEW television.”

“So we knew there was never gonna be a point that we were gonna have six or seven minutes to do an in-ring promo with The Bucks and that is something that we kind of desired to do, we wanted to do.”

“So we ended up doing it on B.T.E. and we made it work and it was there and we knew that we’d get to say and do whatever we wanted and that was obviously all us so, that’s why we ended up doing that one segment that you’re talking about on B.T.E. specifically.”

Jeff Hardy made his return to All Elite Wrestling in April 2023. Matt and Jeff teamed up with HOOK to defeat Ethan Page and The Gunns at AEW Double Or Nothing 2023.

Transcription via POST Wrestling

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