The Undertaker Weighs In On Triple H’s Impact On WWE Creative

The Undertaker Weighs In On Triple H’s Impact On WWE Creative WWE

WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker has weighed in on WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H’s impact on the company’s creative.

The Undertaker and Triple H have one of the most storied and praised WrestleMania programs of all time with matches at the 17th, 27th and 28th editions of the event.

Now, Taker is enjoying life after the ring with his successful one-man show and podcast. Meanwhile, Triple H serves as the Chief Content Officer and head of creative for WWE.

Speaking on the latest edition of the Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker weighed in on Triple H’s impact on WWE creative. He said:

“He’s always had that mind for the business,”

“He’s always had a really good comprehension of the business. Not only ideawise and being kind of in tune with our audience for the most part. He also knows how to deal with the athletes now.”

“His demeanor and the way that he interacts with talent is really good. When I’m around, I kind of watch from afar and it’s just a really good mentor type.”

“He’s wearing a lot of hats but his demeanor and the ability to lock in with today’s talent, it’s different than it used to be.”

Taker continued on to talk about his relationship with Triple H, saying:

“He was one of my favorite people to get in the ring with.”

“We had amazing chemistry and he always had a good idea of the story and where it would go…he understands that the business is evolving, the business and the talent is evolving and it’s a different mindset in the way that they approach things and interact with. It’s just different.”

“I’ve been accused of calling some of the talent soft and it’s not so much that they’re soft. It’s just a different time period.”

“Decade by decade, everything changes and Triple H is able to relate and get his message and his vision across to today’s talent.”

“That’s key to being able to have that open line of communication, which I think most talent feel like they have with him and a trust level. Just his ideas alone, they’re modern. They’re with what’s going on in society.”

On the creative freedom that talent now have under Triple H, Taker said:

“I think he’s smart enough to realize that these guys have their vision. He’s able to let them express themselves, let them get their ideas out there but he also has the ability to pull in the reigns too.”

“And not pull in the reigns where it’s demoralizing because a lot of time people come up with some crazy sh*t that makes absolutely zero sense.”

WWE has been touting themselves being in the “Triple H Era” of the promotion since WrestleMania 40.

The Undertaker also made his presence known at Mania, helping Cody Rhodes defeat Roman Reigns to win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on Night Two of the event.

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