Tony Khan Booking Philosophy On AEW & ROH Crossover Revealed

1 month ago by Sanchez Taylor

Tony Khan Booking Philosophy On AEW & ROH Crossover Revealed ROH

Tony Khan has shared some insight on his thoughts about rosters for AEW and ROH while discussing an interesting hypothetical.

Since Khan announced his acquisition of ROH in March, storylines for his new brand have played out on AEW TV, in the lead-up to ROH pay-per-views.

While ROH doesn’t yet have a TV deal, the brand will soon host TV tapings for a weekly show on HonorClub.

Following Khan expressing interest in WWE sale negotiations, he was asked on Bex & Buster about how he’d handle the rosters if he had a third wrestling company.

Noting that he’s happy with what AEW and ROH are doing, Khan said:

“If I owned another wrestling company besides the two I already own, it would be very challenging, but I think we would want to maintain separate rosters just like I’ve tried to keep AEW and Ring of Honor to where there is crossover between the companies, but both have a strong pay-per-view business and AEW has great television.

“Soon, I’ll have more to talk about regarding when and where Ring of Honor’s weekly TV will be on HonorClub and, going forward, when and where we’re going to tape those shows.

“There is some example of what we would do as far as keeping the pay-per-view business separate, but having some crossover. It would certainly be different if it were a different company.

“With AEW and Ring of Honor, I’m very happy with what we’re doing. Certainly, if there were other opportunities that arose in terms of acquisitions then I would certainly be interested in (them).” 

Fightful previously reported that Ring of Honor TV tapings will take place in Orlando, Florida during the last weekend of February, which would be the weekend of February 25-26.

Khan recently discussed his relationship with the internet wrestling community, which you can read more about right here.

Transcription via Fightful

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