This Tony Khan Incident Reportedly ‘Upset’ Cody Rhodes

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This Tony Khan Incident Reportedly ‘Upset’ Cody Rhodes

Another incident with Tony Khan has been revealed to have potentially led to Cody Rhodes’ AEW departure announced earlier today.

As previously noted, Rhodes and Khan got into a financial dispute over a new deal for Cody. Apparently, this was just one thing of many that created a rift between the two men.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer’s “We’re Live, Pal”, Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast brought up an issue that arised between Cody and Tony.

Zarian stated:

“Somebody sent me a link to a Forbes article and said, ‘This really upset certain people, especially Cody’. I don’t if that’s 100% true but this kind of plays into everything.

“It was the Forbes video, the profile they did on Tony, and Tony starts it off by pretty much listing, ‘I’m the GM, I’m the booker, I’m the this, I’m the…’, essentially he’s a one man show.”

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Tony Khan’s comments in Forbes seemed to have rubbed Cody and others the wrong way.

Zarian continued on and confirmed that it wasn’t just one thing that caused the dissension between Cody and Tony:

“I don’t know if that’s necessarily one of the things (involved in Rhodes and Khan falling out), but it was a multitude of things.”

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Numerous problems have been reported over the past few months between Cody Rhodes and the other AEW EVPs.

Tony Khan has also received plenty of criticism for how he has addressed certain matters on social media, such as Big Swole’s comments regarding her release from AEW.

As previously mentioned, Andrew Zarian also revealed the shocking WWE backstage reaction to Cody Rhodes AEW departure.

We will have further updates on Cody’s AEW departure and his future when they become available.

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